About us

BeeQueen consists of an extensive range of projects, where the distribution of professional cosmeceuticals produced by international companies is our specialization. At the moment, we are focused on a retail project – an online retail shop, while we also operate in the wholesale market.


During the four-year experience on the wholesale market, we have managed to establish thriving business relations with the top worldwide cosmeceuticals producers. In particular, we cooperate exclusively with those producers that are famous among specialists in the aesthetics industry and offer the best quality products. Therefore, all brands available on our website are well-established on the international market and boast premium quality products. Owing to those established business relations and considerate procurement volumes, we purchase all our products at optimal and competitive prices for our ultimate clients.


Our place on the market is to grow into the essential nexus between the producers (or a considerably larger wholesaler) and our ultimate clients, such as physicians, clinics, smaller wholesalers, and resellers. 


We strive to meet the needs of our clients from around the world by offering a rich variety of products in one place – our wholesale or retail websites with the most competitive prices.


  • Visually – to make sure BeeQueen brand positively stands out on the market in the eyes of the professional cosmetics for aesthetic clinics, physicians, and specialists (i.e., cosmeceutical industry), to ensure that our brand is recognized;
  • Operationally – to take the leading place (within the top 5 global leaders) according to the international presence, the volume of sales, and recognition of the brand in the cosmeceuticals niche;
  • To attract and offer high-quality service to the two types of clients:

      i) Retail and minor clients (physicians and cosmetologists) – via online retail shops.

      ii) Wholesale clients (networks of clinics and resellers) – via the online wholesale shop Bee Queen.

  • To emphasize the authenticity of the offered products that is confirmed by the respective certificates; and
  • To emphasize the rich assortment of the products for the cosmeceuticals niche. 


The structure of the BeeQueen is the network of hundreds, even thousands of loyal clients that are dispersed around the world. BeQueen successfully meets their demand in one place by supplying a rich variety of products at competitive prices coupled with high-quality service.


  • Supply the contemporary cosmeceutical clinics, where the ultimate clients can meet their aesthetic needs with our products;
  • Supply a wide assortment of the top brands and become a consolidated supplier of cosmeceuticals.