BD Micro-Fine +

BD Micro-Fine + are aesthetic toxin syringes manufactured by Betcon Dickinson, which is a global medical company specializing in the production of medical devices. All the products comply with high-quality standards.

BD Micro-Fine + is produced from an advanced needle technology to optimize the comfortable injection experience of toxins or drugs. The pen needle is easy to use and designed for single use only. The pen needle already contains the precise dose. The syringe is developed with an original lubrication technique to penetrate the skin smoothly.

To meet the needs of clients and to elect the best aesthetic treatment, BD Micro-Fine+ products differ in volume and needle size. BD Micro-Fine+ products represent the following variety: Penkanyle 0.3ml 30G, Penkanyle 0.5ml 29G, Penkanyle 0.5ml 30G and Penkanyle 1.0ml 29G.

BD Micro-Fine+

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