Innoaesthetics is an innovative collection of dermo-cosmetics (INNO-DERMA) and mesotherapy treatment complexes (INNO-TDS) to address and prevent signs of skin aging and provide products to the end-user for daily skincare. Innoaesthetics brand is produced by the internationally famous model laboratory in aesthetic medicine and dermo-cosmetics – Laboratorio Innoaesthetics S.L. Their mission is to treat any alternations in the skin and to enhance its beauty and health. The company has extensive one-century-long experience in pharmaceutical formula development to treat skin conditions, such as pigmentation, acne, dark spots, loss of skin firmness, skin dehydration, and hair loss by promoting hair growth.


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Innoaesthetics INNO-TDS line offers transdermal complexes for face, body, and hair mesotherapy. It is a method for improving skin characteristics. Generally, it involves injecting active ingredients and vitamins essential for skin nourishment. The applications vary from micro-needling, iontophoresis to derma rollers. The injection of active compounds targets deeper skin layers for more effective results. The aesthetic improvements are noticeable following the first session and are negligibly invasive.

The INNO-TDS products provide solutions to:

  • Cellulite (Innoaesthetics® Slimming);
  • Skin sagging (Innoaesthetics® Firming);
  • Prevent sign of aging (Innoaesthetics® Restructurer);
  • Improve facial contour by adipocyte eradication (Innoaesthetics® Face Nade); and
  • Hair loss (alopecia) by promoting hair growth (Innoaesthetics® Hair Loss Control (Man) & Innoaesthetics® Hair Vital (Woman).

Innoaesthetics INNO-DERMA line is created as an adjuvant for professional aesthetic treatments as well as for daily skincare routines. The application of INNO-DERMA products prolongs professional aesthetic treatment effects and prepares the skin before therapies. The products are available for face and body skin, and hair treatments, and are suitable for all skin types.

The INNO-DERMA line offers innovative Innoaesthetics® Hair Lotion 70ml solution to alopecia that nourishes and strengthens the bulb, effectively promotes hair growth for volume and density enhancement.

Other daily skincare products provide solutions to:

  • Skin pigmentation (Innoaesthetics® Dark Spot Eraser 24H Cream);
  • Acne, by treating and preventing breakouts (Innoaesthetic® AKN β Purifier Night Gel);
  • Dark circles in the periorbital area, and treatment of fine lines (Innoaesthetics® Eye Revitalizer); and
  • Post-treatment skin repair via hydration and calming effect (Innoaesthetics® Skin Repair).

About the Laboratorio Innoaesthetics S.L

Innoaesthetics brand is constantly innovating to design safe, smart, and effective solutions to improve aesthetic and medical skin conditions. All products are of premium quality and have Good Quality Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificates. Laboratorio Innoaesthetics S.L also devised state-of-the-art technology – Smart GPS to improve the efficiency of the treatments. This technology conveys the compounds into the target cells for maximal treatment effect.