Love Cosmedical

The Italian brand paves the way to provide innovative solutions in the aesthetic medicine field via extensive scientific research and new technology practice. Love Cosmedical offers high-quality products that lead to efficient results while maintaining high levels of safety for all patients. The company has proven its significance in the cosmetic and professional medical fields.

Love Cosmedical offers two innovative product lines: fat-dissolving products - Fatline together with tools designed for intralipotherapy, such as intraliponeedles, and mesotherapy treatments - Faceline.

Love Cosmedical

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The former line's objective is to address the localized underskin pockets of fat tissue. A more professional terminology is intralipotherapy, which is the method to dissolve the underskin fat cells that visibly change the body silhouette. Desobody and Desoface are the products with active ingredients of sodium deoxycholate that vary with the concentration of 1,25% and 0,5% respectively. These products effectively and safely dissolve fat in the face and body areas.


Love Cosmedical also produces various intraliponeedles designed for appropriate intralipotherapy techniques. The correct specification of the intraliponeedle determines the successful results of intralipotherapy. This procedure is the injection technique that removes the pockets of stubborn fat in problematic body areas. Intralipotherapy is not a weight-loss treatment solution but a procedure that applies to the body fat areas, where diet and exercise are not fully effective.


Love Cosmedical created this product line for biorevitalization, in other words, mesotherapy. It is a method for improving skin characteristics. Generally, it involves injecting active ingredients essential for skin nourishment or stimulating own dermal production of collagen compounds. Neofound is the supreme injectable product to address aging challenges: skin volume and elasticity loss, discoloration, and wrinkles. The active ingredients in the Neofound cocktail hydrate skin, smoothen wrinkles, stimulate collagen production and produce an aesthetic effect.