Discover Neauvia, a dynamic and scientifically-driven medical aesthetics company that has gained international recognition in the field. With a wide range of organic hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, biorevitalizers, tissue regeneration systems, healing serums, and cutting-edge technological devices, Neauvia offers comprehensive solutions for aesthetic, anti-aging, and surgical markets.

Neauvia takes a holistic approach to aesthetics, positioning itself alongside major players like Juvederm and Fillmed. The company's products are designed to synergistically and organically interact with the body, ensuring optimal treatment results and long-lasting effects. By combining fillers, professional skincare products, and innovative energy technologies, Neauvia empowers practitioners to deliver exceptional treatments and surpass patient satisfaction.

At the heart of Neauvia's success lies its range of polyethylene glycol (PEG) crosslinked fillers, engineered with pioneering technology to achieve a superior safety and tolerability profile. Each filler within the line is meticulously formulated to provide specific rheological properties, catering to even the most discerning aesthetic needs. Neauvia's revolutionary chemical geometry and real polymeric technology enable seamless integration into various anatomical planes.

To guarantee the highest standards of quality and safety, Neauvia utilizes premium organic raw materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. The company oversees all aspects of product development and production, ensuring strict adherence to stringent standards.

Top Dermal proudly offers a diverse range of Neauvia products for various purposes, including facial treatments and anti-aging interventions. Available in different formats, such as 5ml and 1x1ml, Neauvia's biomimetic fillers feature the safety and tolerability advantages of PEG cross-linking. These fillers can be combined with mask treatments to enhance results.