PRX-T33: A Revolutionary Skin Treatment

WiQomed holding presents the PRX product line, which includes PRX-T33, PRX P-Solution, PRX-T Lady, Reverse Peel, and PRX Therapy Kit. Among these, PRX-T33 stands out as a needle-free facial peel treatment that utilizes trichloroacetic acid (TCA). Acting as a non-ablative chemical skin stimulator, PRX-T33 serves as a biorevitalizer for the face, neck, and hands. With its remarkable benefits, PRX-T33 is the ideal solution to prevent skin aging, reduce wrinkles, scars, melasma, stretch marks, and even out skin tone.

To optimize the effectiveness of aesthetic treatments, including PRX-T33 peelings, PRX P-Solution serves as a pre-treatment cleansing lotion. This gentle cleanser relaxes the skin's outermost layer, the stratum corneum, and prepares the epidermis by stabilizing the skin's pH through the solution's acid components.

For the rejuvenation and lightening of external intimate areas, PRX-T Lady offers a topical bio-revitalization product. Leveraging the benefits of PRX-T33, PRX-T Lady promotes firming and evens out skin tone in intimate areas, expanding the range of possibilities for comprehensive skin care.