Croma-Pharma, the renowned pharmaceutical company, has introduced a new brand called Saypha to replace their Princess Fillers. Saypha is a range of high-quality, non-animal fillers formulated with hyaluronic acid derived from natural sources. These fillers are designed to restore the body's own hyaluronic acid levels, effectively reversing the signs of aging and giving you a younger, fresher, and more radiant appearance.

Saypha fillers are manufactured in strict accordance with the highest quality standards and safety regulations. The injections are performed using thin-wall needles specially designed to ensure optimal patient comfort during the procedure. Some of the fillers in the Saypha range also contain lidocaine, a mild anesthetic, to enhance patient comfort during the injection process. The non-surgical treatments with Saypha fillers provide immediate, natural-looking results.

Croma's HA filler range now includes the following Saypha products:

  1. Saypha Rich: This filler replenishes lost hyaluronic acid, corrects fine lines, improves skin elasticity, tone, and hydration, resulting in a natural glow.
  2. Saypha Filler and Saypha Filler Lidocaine: These fillers are used for correcting moderate facial wrinkles and lines, as well as enhancing lip volume.
  3. Saypha Volume and Saypha Volume Lidocaine: Ideal for the correction of deep wrinkles and folds, these fillers also help create facial volume for a more youthful appearance.
  4. Saypha Volume Plus Lidocaine: Intended for severe facial wrinkles, loss of volume, and to improve facial contours, this filler provides comprehensive rejuvenation.