Experience Precision and Safety with SoftFil Micro-Cannulas and Needles

SoftFil offers a comprehensive range of micro-cannulas and needles that have established themselves as the gold standard in the industry. These innovative products ensure precise and safe injections, delivering optimal results for a variety of cosmetic procedures.

SoftFil Classic micro-cannulas feature a blunt-tip design and are available in eight different sizes, catering to various injection needs. Developed based on the Soft Filling Technique, these micro-cannulas provide physicians with the flexibility to choose the ideal entry point, area breadth, and injection depth for each specific treatment area. With SoftFil Classic, achieving precise and controlled injections has never been easier.

Introducing SoftFil Easyguide micro-cannulas, an innovative tool designed to guide the cannula into the desired injection level with ease. The V-shape design of the Easyguide micro-cannulas ensures fast, safe, and successful injections. This user-friendly feature enhances accuracy and reduces tissue damage and swelling, making it an invaluable asset in your cosmetic practice.

For those seeking ultimate precision, SoftFil Precision micro-cannulas are the perfect choice. With 15 different sizes available, these micro-cannulas enable precise injections for a wide range of applications, including hyaluronic acid, lipofilling, PRP, and other clinical procedures. The centimetric graduation along the tube ensures symmetrical depth of injection, while the surface treatment allows for smooth sliding into the skin. The red dot on the hub indicates the location of the side orifice, ensuring precise placement during injections.