Softfil is the pioneer brand specializing in manufacturing injection devices for the aesthetic medicine industry. These professional devices include needles, cannulas, and micro-cannulas. Additionally, Softfil developed a line to take care of the skin at home using revolutionary cosmetic products.

Softfil is the innovator of a new injection technique – the Soft Filling Technique. This Softfil technique is a non-traumatic injection, due to the micro-cannula, which can be used without anesthesia and leads to fewer inflammatory responses.

Therefore, Softfil offers several advanced ranges of needles and cannulas. There are Classic, Precision, and Essencia ranges of cannulas of different sizes that would match the needs of aesthetic experts while offering superior product quality. Additionally, Softfil has a pending patent on Easyguide pre-hole needle, which is innovative for the V-shape design to simplify injection.

Given the fast evolution of the beauty industry, Softfil advances the design of needles and cannulas to ensure secure and painless injections for both patients and physicians.

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