SoftFil Needle 27G x 40mm

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SoftFil® Needle 27G 40MM is a sterile, single use medical device for injections of the nose, marionette lines, dark circles and hands. The cannula is ideal for local injections or bolus injections.

The range of SoftFil® Needles are based on high technology and innovations, which makes it ideal for precise injections. The cannulas have unique properties such as centimetic graduation along the tube to create a symmetrical depth of injection and surface treatment to allow a perfect sliding into the skin. In addition, the cannulas have a red dot on the hub to indicate location of side orifice.

SoftFil® Needles should be used by certified medical practitioners.

SoftFil® Needle 27G 40MM box contains:

  • 100 x 27G 40mm Cannulas, Internal caliber XL

Areas: The nose, marionette lines, dark circles, columella, décolleté and hands

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