Supartz is a revolutionary treatment for knee osteoarthritis that provides relief from pain and improves joint mobility. This viscosupplement is injected directly into the knee joint to replenish lost synovial fluid and protect the cartilage from further damage. With its unique formulation of hyaluronan, Supartz effectively reduces inflammation and friction, allowing patients to resume their normal activities with ease.

Supartz is specifically designed for patients who have not found success with other methods of managing their osteoarthritis. This non-surgical therapy can delay the need for corrective surgery and preserve joint function. It can be used in combination with traditional therapies or as a replacement for them.

The knee joint is a complex structure that consists of several bones and cartilage. Over time, the cartilage lining wears down, causing pain and inflammation. Supartz works by providing lubrication to the joints, similar to the synovial fluid naturally produced by the body. This reduces friction and allows the bones to move smoothly, relieving pain and improving mobility.