TSK Laboratory is a Japanese renowned technology laboratory that develops and adopts innovative solutions in designing and manufacturing aesthetic needles and cannulas. TSK has been internationally recognized for the premium quality of aesthetic needles for specialized injections, which require high precision and safety technology.

TSK advanced special blunt tip cannulas for dermal filler injections, which are different from traditional needles. The traditional needles and cannulas cut through vessels and are not suitable for aesthetic filler injections.

One of the most famous revolutionary cannulas of TSK is the TSK STERiGlide cannula. The design of this TSK cannula is patented, as it allows smooth introduction into the skin, precise and effective placement of filler, and high comfort for treated patients. The dome-shaped tip of the TSK cannula ensures less resistance and diminishes the risk of skin bruising.

TSK also designed STERiJECT cannula, which combined the ultra-thin wall technology with the traditional shape in one cannula. This cannula guarantees a better flow rate when compared to regular cannulas.

The Invisible Needle developed by TSK is one of the thinnest hypodermic injection needles available up until now. TSK technology guarantees that this needle will make injections less painful with a low risk of hematoma.

Another TSK needle is the Low Dead Space needle. The aim is to reduce the loss of the injected solution by reducing the effective hub space closer to zero. This TSK new needle design confirmed the saving of about 0.08 ml.

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