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TSK is a renowned Japanese firm founded in 1948, specializing in the production of safe and high-quality medical products. With a focus on providing the best treatments for patients, TSK continuously develops new technologies and innovations for the aesthetic market. One of their standout products is their aesthetic needles and cannulas, which are made from the highest quality steel and possess unique properties.

TSK cannulas have gained worldwide recognition, particularly their award-winning TSK STERiGLIDE cannulas. These cannulas are highly regarded for their exceptional manageability, easy insertion, low penetration force, and excellent gliding capacity. These features significantly reduce the risk of bruising, making them a popular choice among medical professionals. Additionally, TSK's Closed Single Hole cannula boasts a large internal diameter, requiring up to 35% less extrusion force. For patients seeking a nearly painless injection with minimal bleeding, TSK offers THE INViSIBLE NDL, which is 14% thinner than a regular 33G needle.

To address the issue of dead space in needles, TSK has designed the Low Dead Space needle, which minimizes the effective space left behind in the needle hub. This innovative design ensures maximum efficiency and reduces waste. For those in need of a traditional sharp needle, TSK offers the Regular Hub, made from high-quality steel and available in various sizes.

TSK's range of needles and cannulas provides medical professionals with premium options for accurate filler placement and optimal patient comfort. The patented design of the STERiGLIDE cannulas, with their dome-shaped tip, offers easier injection and less resistance compared to traditional cannulas. Meanwhile, THE INViSIBLE NDL stands out as the thinnest toxin needle on the market, providing patients with virtually painless treatment sessions.

The Control Hub Sharp needles, developed with TSK's Ultra Thin Wall technology, offer smoother filler injections and less drag force. These needles are designed to withstand high pressures without flexing, ensuring accurate and effective injections. TSK's Closed Single Hole cannulas, featuring a closed-tip laser cut side hole, minimize the risk of bruising and provide smoother and more controlled injections.

In summary, TSK's commitment to developing cutting-edge technology and high-quality products has made them a trusted name in the medical industry. Their range of aesthetic needles and cannulas offers medical professionals the tools they need to deliver accurate and effective treatments while prioritizing patient comfort and safety.

With their commitment to safety, high-quality materials, and innovative designs, TSK continues to be a trusted brand in the field of needles and cannulas, providing doctors and physicians with the tools they need for accurate and effective treatments.