Princess Volume + Lidocaine (1Syringe x 1ml)

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PRINCESS® VOLUME with lidocaine 0.3>#/b### - wrinkle filler for deeper treatments. Contains highly cross-linked HA acid gel; it is extremely flexible, so the effects are very visible and natural. It is characterized by high elasticity and the ability to increase the volume of the skin, which allows effective face modeling giving a visible, but above all a natural, long-lasting effect. The innovative Smart method used in the production is based on cross-linking of pure and natural non-animal HA acid. Smart is a patented method thanks to which HA acid is purified many times and at the same time strongly bound. It gives wonderful, natural effects without side effects.

  • Hyaluronic acid HA concentration: 23mg / ml
  • Lidocaine: 0.3>#/li###

PRINCESS® VOLUME smoothes wrinkles and folds on the face and immediately restores the volume of the skin. It is injected into the deep layers of the skin. INDICATIONS FOR USE:

  • correction of deep wrinkles (nasolabial folds)
  • recreation and volume increase (cheeks)
  • to correct the face contour (cheeks, chin)
  • volumetric lifting,
  • correction of sunken temples,
  • nose correction
  • to increase mouth volume

PRINCESS®  products  fill wrinkles, shape the face, firm and, as a result, give the skin a younger and more attractive look. This combination of high-quality ingredients and advanced technology guarantees long-term effects and safety. It complements the natural loss of HA acid in the aging process and ensures long-lasting hydration. Because of this, it incredibly improves the color and elasticity of face and body skin. The PRINCESS®  family  meets the highest quality standards - thanks to double sterilization of products and the use of purified HA acid.

  • 1 pre-filled syringe with 1 ml of the preparation
  • 2 needles 27G 1/2

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