Teosyal Puresens Global Action

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Teosyal® Global Action is recommended for filling medium facial wrinkles and mouth fillings, although it gives a smaller volumetric effect than the dedicated TEOSYAL® Kiss. Teosyal® preparation has the lowest protein content (<5 µg / ml) of all products on the market and bacterial endotoxins (<0.2 EU / g), which are lower than European requirements. This minimizes the patient's possible allergic reaction (e.g. redness or swelling).
Teosyal® Global Action is injected superficially into the dermis in the place we want to correct. Thanks to this, a certain volume is obtained that fills wrinkles. Teosyal® Deep Lines biodegrades and is slowly absorbed.
Lidocaine is a local anesthetic, used to reduce the sensation of pain during injection .


  • ♦ Dehydration, sagging skin
  • ♦ Furrows and wrinkles
  • ♦ Correction of the shape and volume of lips


  • ♦ Face
  • ♦ Lips
  • ♦ Nasolabial folds
  • ♦ Puppet lines
  • ♦ Cheeks
  • ♦ Face oval


Usually one to two treatments are required. Periodic additional retouching sessions will help maintain the desired correction result.
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