IBSA Derma

A team of Swiss biologists founded IBSA Derma group that has become a leading company engaging in pharmaceutical research and technologies. IBSA Derma innovates in the sphere of dermo-aesthetic medicine with a focus on natural beauty, which radiates from within. Products of IBSA Derma are distinguished from the market, due to company’s control over the whole production cycle - from the research stage and biofermentation of the raw materials to the prefilled syringe products.

IBSA Derma group innovates in pharmaceutical medical devices, such as Aliaxin dermal fillers for hydration, natural contouring, and lifting. Aliaxin is the filler based on hyaluronic acid, which is an essential naturally occurring component present in the skin tissues. Aliaxin possesses a unique lifting technology that makes skin look younger and smoother by preventing the decrease of collagen and hyaluronic acids. Profhilo of IBSA Derma is another hyaluronic acid filler that leads to skin rejuvenation and hydration.


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