Love Cosmedical

Love Cosmedical is an Italian company specializing in innovative solutions for aesthetic medicine. Love Cosmedical developed revolutionary technologies for fat dissolving procedures.

Love Cosmedical offers a wide range of high-quality injection products for fat dissolving treatments. Also, the company provides other high-quality products for aesthetic medicine, such as mesotherapy products, which were achieved by cutting-edge technologies and scientific research. The product range is a perfect combination for daily clinical procedures such as treatment of localized adiposity, cellulite, skin rejuvenation, and regenerative medicine.

Love Cosmedical

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Love Cosmedical Desobody and Love Cosmedical Desoface are fat dissolving injection solutions designed to treat all types of localized fat deposits in the abdomen, thighs, arms, and neck. Thanks to the properties of active ingredients, fat dissolving treatments restructure and reshape your body, helping patients look and feel better and more confident. The best results can be obtained for patients with moderate body weight or who are overweight. 

Love Cosmedical Neofound is a bio revitalizer designed to boost and strengthen the skin with anti-wrinkle smoothing effects, skin cell rejuvenation, as well as collagen stimulation, and skin tone enhancement. Collagen is one of the active ingredients that restore lost skin volume and gives skin a more youthful look. This bio revitalizer provides immediate results. 

Intraliponeedle 23Gx100MM, 25Gx70MM, and 20Gx100MM are sharp needles specifically designed for the best injection procedure of fat-dissolving products when using the Intralipotherapy technique on the face. Each package contains 20 needles.