Matexlab is a Swiss innovation-driven company that produces a wide range of products designed for aesthetic medicine. Matexlab specializes in anti-aging solutions by offering dermal fillers, biorevitalization, and cosmeceuticals products.

Neauvia Organic is an internationally recognized line of natural dermal fillers that ensure safe tolerability within the human body. The dermal fillers of Matexlab even out wrinkles, add structure and improve the quality of the skin. Neauvia Organic dermal filler blends hyaluronic acid using innovative Smart Crosslinking technology with PEG to meet numerous individualized aesthetic needs.

Neauvia Advanced Care System Creams of Matexlab is another range of cream cosmeceuticals that are designed for various skin types to stimulate collagen production and prevent skin aging. Cosmeceuticals line is recommended for intensive anti-aging treatments and as a part of the daily skincare routine.


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