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Welcome to Sinclair Innovations: Elevating Aesthetic Dermatology

Welcome to the world of Sinclair, a visionary international aesthetic dermatology company with a legacy dating back to 1971, originally known as Sinclair Pharma. We take pride in our extensive product range, offering effective anti-aging solutions that redefine beauty and confidence.

Sinclair is synonymous with excellence, as we have diligently developed a broad portfolio of collagen stimulators, thread lifts, and dermal fillers. Our collagen stimulators are a transformative solution for facial volume loss, while thread lifts redefine facial contours, and dermal fillers combat wrinkles and lines, restoring a youthful radiance.

At Sinclair, we believe in the power of high-quality and minimally invasive treatments. Our commitment to delivering longer-lasting, natural-looking results is the driving force behind our cutting-edge research and development efforts.

Embrace the allure of Silhouette Soft threads and MaiLi fillers, signature creations from Sinclair, as you explore the world of beauty and rejuvenation. With Sinclair Innovations, unlock a world of confidence and timeless elegance, one treatment at a time. Trust in the power of innovation and join us on this extraordinary journey to embrace the beauty that defies time.