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Sunekos® 1200

Sunekos® 1200 is an injectable preparation with antioxidant properties for severe wrinkles and damaged skin. Restores youthful, natural features by improving facial volume loss, wrinkle reduction and skin hydration. The patented formula contains hyaluronic acid and a combination of amino acids, collagen and elastin precursors. This combination helps stimulate the regeneration of extracellular matrix, leading to skin biogenesis. Sunekos® 1200 is a class III medical device, available in both needle and cannula versions.

A method of preparing

The contents of the hyaluronic acid vial (B) and amino acid filocs (A) should be combined together. After joining, we get a transparent solution free of solid particles ensuring homogeneous and safe distribution of active substances in the treated area.

After mixing, we obtain the ideal dose of the preparation for a full procedure (face and neck or other part of the body).

Recommended injection technique

Needle: 27 - 30G - 13 mm
Cannula: 25 - 27 - 30G - 40 mm

Deep into the dermis

Areas that can be treated

  • neck
  • cleavage
  • hands
  • arms
  • inside thighs
  • the area under the knees
  • eyelids (eliminates shadows)

⚠️Product intended for professional use.

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